Sun DialCount bright hours and dream happy dreams.


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Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters without fear.

Embrace the Spirit of Mother Earth.

Open yourself up to the beautiful world we live in.

What is best for you is in your path.

The wisdom of self-reliance connect the bridge of heart and mind.

Your soul at peace, serene, strong and firm.

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One Spirit Soul

Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


One spirit soul for the sacred pride,

One spirit soul for the tender times,

One spirit soul I do believe

Grace flowing in symmetry force

In you, I live… I breathe…


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Every day I hear the birds chirping

Every day I hear the birds chirping

Every day I hear the birds chirping

Like small blue bits in dreams

But what is it I’m hearing?

Wonderingly, I placed my nose

through the glass window

and I see joy today.

The light guide is true.

Summery shadow lives,

The landscapes frolic.

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We Are Like Nature


We Are Like Nature

Look around you,

like clouds, your thoughts

change shape as it passes through,

and disappear without a trace.

Nature is a mirror,

a teacher and inspiration.

Walking through the world,

the metaphors of connectedness.

lead to understanding the mystery of life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


An Awe-Inspiring World

Inscribe in the mission walls

is history to the past … marked by memories

Uncover the richness of time gone by.

Life will come to pass

Like waves washed ashore.

Everywhere you look

Everyone you see

Touch your soul.

Discover life’s mysteries as you,

Ride the wind and surf to your sunset.

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Eyes Skyward

Crystal Cathedral

Eyes skyward


Boldly pursue dreams

beyond that seem so grand,

so out of reach.

Realize that Intentions become

a part of the search for meaning

beyond the stretch of imagination.

Step outside the limits

Beyond the fence and borderlines

follow the path of your ambitions

beyond the skies above.

Grow confident

And aim for the highest heights.

Beyond questions and beliefs.

The search for meaning will eventually

evolve into an unshakable

Self-assurance and impenetrable will.

Aim Ever Higher.

© djmrakiey 2013

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The Season following Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colors

The Season following Winter

Catch a likeness of delicate flush and
graceful lines on crimson tinted blades.

A glance captures more than a glimpse of dew
resembling the shade of flaming ink.

Without fail, light charm sweet thoughts
and take off in all directions.

The seeds of freshness feel light
an unclouded afterglow of restful calm.
It is the season following winter.

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