Inside Princess mind

Inside Princess mind

This is Princess

One late afternoon, she stood silent on the hard hot pavement.

tired … lost and uncertain where her next step will be.

A tag on her neck showed how far she was from home.

Was that a tear on her eyes ?

No soft whimper or growl escaped her dry mouth.

Only the palpable fear of unknown on her quivering flesh.

I took her home and

wondered what was Inside Princess mind as she looked outside.

Late at night, she was picked up by the local county animal care.

A week later, Princess reunited with her owner.

Today . . . this image of Princess bring back memories … and

I often wonder what was inside Princess mind then.

© djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved

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Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters

Walk into deeper waters without fear.

Embrace the Spirit of Mother Earth.

Open yourself up to the beautiful world we live in.

What is best for you is in your path.

The wisdom of self-reliance connect the bridge of heart and mind.

Your soul at peace, serene, strong and firm.

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King of coasts and cliffs

Osprey, a single species found worldwide that specializes in catching fish and builds large stick nests.

Up on a ledge, On the lookout

The King of coasts and cliffs




On your journey,

Take risks outside the comfort zone

and seek opportunities with a passion

The Beacon is the guide to a place of security.

Nurture spirit,

bask in the sun,

Be the light on how to aim for the stars.

© djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved

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Miracles in Everyday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Miracles in Every Day

It is the everyday aspects of our lives

that bring us the most joy.

Even if at first it may seem

natural to expect our feelings of happiness

to come from the larger events in our lives

Notice how small things can fill our days with delight.

Experience the wonder of living …

take in the small joys of each day

and be surprise with the Miracles in Every Day

© djmrakiey 2012 / All Rights Reserved