One Spirit Soul

Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


One spirit soul for the sacred pride,

One spirit soul for the tender times,

One spirit soul I do believe

Grace flowing in symmetry force

In you, I live… I breathe…


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Here We Go Again

Failure of Governance

Failure of Governance

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What is the most important function of government …protection of individual freedoms: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Well, most certainly, but you will not have freedom without national security.  Therefore, a country’s security is government’s highest priority and the cornerstone, border security.

Billions of dollars are spent each year to defend this country.  Yet seemingly, we are unable to protect our borders.  The number of illegal immigrants has mushroomed to an estimated 11 million.  Ironically, rather than protect our borders, congress and the administration seem to be fixated on an agreement that results in a path to citizenship for these 11 million illegal immigrants thereby admitting that government lacks the political will, and the tenacity required to secure our borders.

However, you cannot help but think; how many of the 11 million are terrorists.  Impossible… quite the contrary, on what bases can you categorically state that there are no terrorists.  Of course, no one knows but let’s assume it is a very small number, for example .01%.  Even that small of number would translate into 1100 terrorists; 1100 terrorists that would be given a path to citizenship!  Have we all forgotten about 9/11?  Yes, I know those terrorists entered the country legally but that’s another story.

In order to prevent further attacks, in 2001, the government initiated what turns out to be the longest war in our history.  We have spent over $1.4 trillion dollars but the real tragedy is the loss of our most precious resource, the over 6500 service men and women that have lost their lives.  Yet despite these losses, our government must be in self-denial, fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan on the one hand but allowing terrorists become citizens on the other.

Since our government is incapable of enforcing the laws already on the books the only solution they can offer is amnesty.  Oops, amnesty that’s a bad word; they certainly will not call it amnesty. They have repackaged their solution… as a path toward citizenship, just like advertising a car as pre owned versus a second hand.  Just send the issue through a pasteurization process, obfuscate the truth and in so doing make it more palatable to the American people.

I am not going to sit here and regale you with a historical narrative on US Immigration Law.  For a more complete legislative history you can read my first blog on immigration.  Suffice to say, the most recent attempts to control illegal immigration include:

  • 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
  • 1990 Immigration Act of 1990
  • 1996 Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act
  • 2000 Legal Immigration Family Equity Act

Four major (I didn’t bother with executive orders and additional statute interpretations etc.), attempts to control illegal immigration.  And the result, illegal immigration has increased over that same time period from approximately 3,000,000 to 11,000,000, an increase of over 300%. It simply boggles the mind, that after 25 years and four pieces of legislation not only are we no closer to solving the illegal immigration problems but it has increased 300%.  Imagine for a minute, you are at work and your boss just told you that you have an error rate of 300%, how long would you be employed…not long!

So, how can any citizen believe that our elected officials are doing nothing but kicking the can down the road?  There are many laws on the books to control illegal immigration, all the government has to do is enforce them but instead through sleight of hand rather than face the issue head on, government continues to propose law after law while never fixing the problem.  I don’t know about you but I have zero confidence in their ability to control illegal immigration by passing more laws, after all, their track record speaks for itself.  The administration admitted as much, during the last presidential campaign, when the current administration announced halting prosecutions of illegal immigrants, a change in the law the most legal authorities say the president didn’t have the power to do.  Well, perhaps it was just a campaign speech.

Of course, it is much easier rather than uphold the law, just turn a blind’s eye and look the other way, that’s leadership, Washington style.  Real leadership requires that you must be willing to make the difficult decision, enforce laws, and oppose legislation that is not in the nation’s best interest.  Given the recent talk on both republican and democratic sides, you just might as well as open the borders and be done with it.  All this talk about securing our nation’s borders, it is simply a façade…a failure of governance!

Unfortunately, the security issue does not get addressed because the American citizen has grown apathetic towards government.  In the last presidential election, the voter turnout was 58.2%, lower than the 2008 and 2004 elections.  You can review state by state results here:

However, it does not have to remain that way; each voter can contact their elected official and make known your thoughts on illegal immigration.  If you do not know who your representative is, you can find him or her here:  Then go to the representative’s web site and find out their email address.  I urge each and every one to contact your representative and make your feelings known.  If you want to remain the silent majority, then you cannot fault the results.  If our country is to remain strong and have a vibrant democracy, your participation is required.  Commit to change and get off the sidelines, act now, contact your elected Congressional Representative and in the next election be sure to vote.


Immigration, part 2, Here We Go Again.




Dennis Rakiey


Yep, you bet!  You have vast quantities of input: meetings, speeches, votes, debate etc. but no results.

Over the past decades, our government has embarked upon a path, resulting in further declines in the Human Condition.  And you can forget blaming the Democrats or Republicans because both have been in office observing this deterioration of the U.S. and neither party has demonstrated one scintilla of leadership in changing this countries current course.

You may be under the impression that a country’s fortunes rise ad infinitum.  But this is not the case; as history is replete with examples of the rise and fall of civilizations both in ancient times and in recent history.  Our country, by almost any measure is in declinebut less you doubt this statement, allow me a few examples from my previous blogs.


After more than 5 decades, the US still does not have an energy plan for energy independence.  Our foreign policy is dictated by our energy requirements.  The nation’s wealth is evaporating at a rate of $1 billon per day.


In the last 39 years the number of people living in poverty has doubled to 46 million.  18 percent  of the US population has said that at times, they cannot afford the food they need.


With more than 8 decades of immigration legislation, the number of illegal aliens has mushroomed to 11.5 million, a 300% increase in the last 18 years.

*The Economy

The government has carried on a 30 year crusade to deregulate the banking industry which has culminated in 2.7 million foreclosures. One forecast has estimated that foreclosures will reach 5 million when all is said and done.


According to the most recent BLS report, the number of people either unemployed or underemployed is excess of 17 million , representing a real unemployment rate of over 14%.

*The poor get poorer

Wages as a percent of GDP has plummeted to an all-time low.

*And the rich get richer

CEO pay is up 298.2% since 1990 while worker pay is up a meager 4.3%.

Just stop for a minute and think about what kind of country we are leaving to our children, grandchildren and loved ones.  What does the future hold for them?  What will the Human Condition be when they reach adulthood?

However, our country’s descent into the bowels of mediocrity…becoming a mere shell of its former self is not evitable. The change agent is you, the voter.

A laxative directly injected into this nation’s veins, vis-à-vis replacing elected officials is the prescription.  And the only way to accomplish a directional change is by voting the incumbents out of office.

Why? Because history has taught us that starting a new party does not offer the immediate success (if at all) that is required.  And human beings by their nature tend to do the same thing over and over again, this holds true for our elected officials.  Just think, from their perspective, they must be thinking they are doing a bang-up job and why wouldn’t they, after all over 90% of incumbents running for office get reelected.

Consequently, as voters there is only one option.  We must step out of our comfort zone; throw partisan politics aside and vote for the challenger on Nov. 6.  It is the only way forreal change.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

USS Iowa, Big guns – 16 inch diameter guns, barrel length: 68 feet.  It took at least 77 men to fire the three guns in a turret.  The ship has 3 turrets of this kind.

Designated the “World’s Greatest Naval Ship” due to her big guns, heavy armor, fast speed, longevity and modernization, she kept pace with technology for more than 50 years. Currently docked in San Pedro, CA



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Failure of Governance



JOBS – JOBS – JOBS! : Dennis Rakiey 

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%.  I can just imagine members of the administration and congress giving each other high fives!

In order to get a perspective of the unemployment issue, I went here to review the BLS data.  In the past 12 months, on average 150,000 jobs per month were added.  If we divide the 12 million unemployed by the 150,000 per month new jobs, we discover that it will take more than 6 years for the 12 million unemployed to find work. (This of course assumes no one new enters the work force.) If you are unemployed, it is a very discouraging predicament.


Full article HERE (

To illustrate the imbalance between business and labor, examine the following charts.

Corporate profits have soared!


While wages as a percent of GDP are at all-time lows.

And the gap between CEO’s and workers’ pay continues to widen and bears little relationship to corporate profits.



Sunday Post: People

Sunday Post - People







That’s people

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Poverty Continues

Failure of Governance - Poverty Continues
Failure of Governance - Poverty Continues
Graph representation of Poverty vs S&P500

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Poverty Continues

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Dennis Rakiey

The latest US Census indicates the poverty level at 46.2 million people; remaining unchanged from 2010.  I continue to reiterate this fact, (as readers already know I have mentioned the poverty statistic on two previous occasions in my article on Energy and my blog – Americans go hungry) because main stream media fail to give it the attention it deserves.  The poverty level last year was a family earning less than $23,021.


Immigration – A Failure of Governance

Re blogged from Immigration – A Failure of Governance

A Failure of Governance – Last in a Three Part Series – Immigration

“We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. 

But we are also a nation of laws.”- President Bill Clinton

Full Article link Immigration – A Failure of Governance by Dennis Rakiey

highlights noted in previous articles.

The first article on Energy revealed:

* after 50 years, no plan for energy independence

*oil importation has increased to 49%

*our nation’s wealth is evaporating at the rate of $1 billion/day

*poverty level has doubled in the last 25 years

The next article, The Economy examined the following:

*government waged a 30 year crusade to deregulate the banking industry

*and then failed to regulate the Shadow Banking System

*homeownership forecast to return to 1990 levels with over 5 million foreclosures

Lastly, in this article, we explored immigration:

*immigration problem have been with us for the last 85 years.

*illegal immigration has reached 11.5 million, a 300% increase in last 18 years

*president/governor oath of office is meaningless

*amnesties are not a solution

*the real unemployment is masked by the uncounted 36 million unemployed

I began my first article, Oil with an initial discussion on the life cycle of a nation.  Consequently, I will end on the same note.  The history of civilizations is replete with examples of a nation’s ascent and eventual demise.  A country’s riches do not advance ad infinitum.  Our country is in decline.  Therefore, we find ourselves at a defining moment.  We can either follow the same path witnessing the gradual weakening of our country or we can reverse course and mount a frontal assault on another upward advance.

It is up to us, the voters.

My call remains the same, in November’s election, investigate the candidates and vote for the challenger.  I am not suggesting to blindly vote for all challengers, due diligence is required.  Recently, in West Virginia an inmate received 40% of the democratic vote when running against incumbent, Obama[16]. Why is it, if you apply for a job most employers will perform a background check, but you can run for the highest office in the land without one.  But, alas, I am digressing; vetting political candidates is best left to another discussion.

History has proved that there will be no change in direction by returning incumbents to office.  It is a difficult task for any voter to vote for the challenger when staying the course seems safer.  But this country is in desperate need of transformation and time is running out. Government officials must be put on notice that their behavior will no longer be tolerated.  Business as usual will no longer suffice.  Just because we call ourselves a democracy does not guarantee success.  It is not the name but the deeds behind the name that give it substance.  It is the action by the voters that will determine democracy’s success or failure.  And that action is a voter turnout in November’s election that will exceed any in recent history.

Since WWI, 624,531 soldiers have lost their lives protecting our freedom to vote.  Honor their sacrifice by voting in November’s election.  Examine the issues and if you feel as I do, that a change in direction is required, vote for the challenger and show the incumbents the proverbial door.

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Weekly Photo Challenge “Near and Far”

Newport, CA

Newport, CA

Newport, CA

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

~ Mark Twain


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Anti-Incumbent Movement?

US Flag

US Flag

Re blogged: Anti-Incumbent Movement? ~ Dennis Rakiey

One of the blog readers asked if I was part of the anti-incumbent movement.  I had not realized that there was a movement of this nature, so naturally I googled it.  I was surprised to learn that there is a movement but pundits could not agree if it was viable or just old news.

Full article in this link:

Weekly Photo Challenge “Free Spirit”

Listen to the Trees

When you feel like giving up

Remember why you held on for so long.

Embrace the open skies.

And free your spirit.

Listen with your mind.

The evergreen will circle a heart whisper

when you walk down your path.

Listen closely, the trees will tell you about

life adventures and their stories.

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