Eyes Skyward

Crystal Cathedral

Eyes skyward


Boldly pursue dreams

beyond that seem so grand,

so out of reach.

Realize that Intentions become

a part of the search for meaning

beyond the stretch of imagination.

Step outside the limits

Beyond the fence and borderlines

follow the path of your ambitions

beyond the skies above.

Grow confident

And aim for the highest heights.

Beyond questions and beliefs.

The search for meaning will eventually

evolve into an unshakable

Self-assurance and impenetrable will.

Aim Ever Higher.

© djmrakiey 2013

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16 thoughts on “Eyes Skyward

    1. Thank you… Crystal Cathedral
      The Crystal Cathedral is a church building in Garden Grove, Orange County, California, in the United States. The reflective glass building, designed by American architect Philip Johnson, was completed in 1981 and seats 2,736 people.


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