The Season following Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colors

The Season following Winter

Catch a likeness of delicate flush and
graceful lines on crimson tinted blades.

A glance captures more than a glimpse of dew
resembling the shade of flaming ink.

Without fail, light charm sweet thoughts
and take off in all directions.

The seeds of freshness feel light
an unclouded afterglow of restful calm.
It is the season following winter.

ยฉ djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved

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39 thoughts on “The Season following Winter

  1. The pink and purples are wonderful together. Do you know what the Tulip is called? Just match”s your Avatar perfectly!


      1. Not everyone will agree with me, but I think pink is Spring’s color! hihihi! I will look forward for more of your works.


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