A fleeting moment

Chalk Art in Arts Alive, Mission Viejo, CA (Artist - Shaina Joel

A fleeting moment

A pop festival of colored chalk

open one’s eye to black lights on a canvas

jams with paisley patterns

 a beautiful revolution  …

sweet and short,

A fleeting moment.

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37 thoughts on “A fleeting moment

  1. Ahh, Ms. Billie Jean! A true beauty indeed. Tragic life…sad death. But that is what keeps her so famous in many ways. Take care…



      1. Thanks…I can’t help but stop by to look at the “pics.” You really have quite an impressive gallery to show. You keep snapping ’em and I’ll keep looking for them!

        Have a super day,
        Christian 🙂


  2. A stunning entry for the challenge DJM. Those artists are so talented! I would just sit there all day long and watch them. 😀 Thanks for sharing. *hugs*


    1. yes you are right about “sitting all day long & watch” its so dream like … appreciate your lovely comments, Sonel… glad to see you here. have a fun/great week ☮


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