I am Secret keeper

I am Secret Keeper

I am Secret keeper

carrier of souls from darkness into light

I am Spirit of adventure

explorer of the unknown.

I am Strength, Courage and

One with you

I am your companion …. your secret keeper

© djmrakiey / All rights reserved

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45 thoughts on “I am Secret keeper

    1. 🙂 All photos are shot by me … used to be in MGM Grand’s lion habitat – Las Vegas – they were in a glass enclose with the trainer … currently the cubs lion habitat ranch. I used a tele lens to get a close up shot. Thank you for your visits and feed back.


      1. goodness me… you know i scream if a house lizard is anywhere near a metre from me… I am soooo impressedddddd.. i have to come here again…. a lot of times actually… 🙂


      1. I downloaded Google Chrome. It’s seems faster, but still have no images. Therefore, I don’t think the browser is the problem.

        We plod along…


      2. I will shoot them another email to the support group when I finish here today. I always appreciate your help and concern!

        Have a great one,


      3. Well, it’s Sunday afternoon here and I will be checking on Zmanta tomorrow morning. I really don’t know know what to do about this problem. Hope they have some answers…

        Also hope you enjoied your Sat-Sun. Talk to you later…



      4. Thanks so much! You know, not to make such a deal about Zemanta, but it costs so much to buy “stock photos” online and so these images they provided for free are huge!

        Anyway, they are still quiet…don’t think I’m getting anywhere. I sent another email yesterday and intend on another today. The battle rages on!

        You have a great day and thanks for checking in…


      5. You’ll be one of the first people I tell if they ever do fix this things. I really want to work in one of these support places. They seem to be on “Island time” when it comes to answering people…

        Have a great day.


    1. 🙂 sometimes all we need is silence and contentment to take us further into our journey. I appreciate your perceptiveness. thank you for stopping by. and have a wonderful weekend ! ☮


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