Wisdom without Words

White Tiger

White Tiger

Wisdom without Words

I am the spirit of white tiger,

Carrier of the sacred writ of

dark to light.

Seeker of personal truths

You are part of a whole.

I am you.

Accept challenges with

Strength and Grace

In the silence of a blessed night

You will hear wisdom without words.

© djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved


44 thoughts on “Wisdom without Words

    1. Thank you… the white tiger is in “Lion Habitat Ranch – Nevada” … used to be in MGM Grand, Las Vegas but moved back to the ranch. Up close … they are exceptionally beautiful animals !


      1. Lovely! There’s one in our local zoo which I kind of empathize because it just keeps pacing up and down along the path of the man-made cliff like a worrying dude…poor thing.

        Perhaps, wild life should belong to the wild…

        Once again, thank you for sharing! Cheers~ 😀


      2. My pleasure …. yes I agree wild animals belong to the wild. the white tigers were given as a gift to care for under by a wildlife conservation program and their efforts were rewarded … pop increase. otherwise we’ll never get the chance to see these beautiful animals 🙂


  1. I absolutely adore Tigers DJM and this one is so stunning! Great shot and thanks for sharing. Love the poem as well. 😀


      1. LOL that made me laugh. you are good for the soul, my friend. I’m happy that your Black&white is doing so well. 🙂 will be linking back an image soon. Have a good one, Sonel


      2. Oh, I am serious but I am glad I could make you laugh. That makes me happy. 😀
        But seriously, if I could I would have a house full of tigers. I absolutely adore them and to me they are the most magnificent animals! I am not sure the monkeys would like them. I think they eat monkeys and that I would not allow. 😀

        I am happy as well and thanks for the lovely wishes my friend and thanks for taking part. Much appreciated and have a great day too. 😀 *hugs*


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