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Please be patient.

I am an aged relic, a distant memory.

A witness to cycles of defeat and glory

Through unfriendly skies,

I rise again

for one more roll in the distant horizon.

© djmrakiey 2014 / All rights reserved


The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonicjet-powered strategic bomber. The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, which has continued to provide support and upgrades. It has been operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) since the 1950s. The bomber is capable of carrying up to 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg) of weapons. Source:

Boeing B52 D Stratofortress

The B-52 is considered the longest servicing front-line military aircraft in aviation history. With air-to-air refueling, B52s are truly a global aircraft and have flown nonstop around the world, some 24000 miles. B-52 bombers were considered the weapon the enemy feared most in the Vietnam War. B-52Ds would fly too high to be seen or heard, dropping over one hundred 500lbs bombs each.

The BUFFs (Big Ugly Fat Fellows) have survived wars, modernization and remained in the active Air Force Inventory for almost 50 years.


55-0679 is on Loan from the US Air Force Museum – March Airfield Air Museum, CA