Oceanside seeker


I see the many colors of the ocean

The surf breaking on the shore

and cries of sea gulls.

oh, so, gently take me into dreamland.

© djmrakiey 2014 / All rights reserved




19 thoughts on “Oceanside

  1. Having grown up near the ocean and having lived on both coasts, I love the ocean, and as an extension, I love photos of the ocean. I love the pier and it’s pilings with the lone wader off to the right and the wide open space of the ocean on the left. This is a very nice shot!


  2. Such a lovely picture of the seashore. I can hear the gulls and feel the waves gently on my feet. Love that you caught only 1 person. And the way he’s walking, he looks so carefree. A beautiful summer memory.


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