Absence of Light

Absence of Light

There is Light even in the darkest place ~ Unknown

36 thoughts on “Absence of Light

  1. Hey, thanks for reminding me to get back here and see what you’ve been producing. It’s high time I did.

    Beatiful shot. Ever since seeing the large format B/W work of Clyde Butcher, especially in the Florida Everglades, I’ve always wanted to do some landscapes like this. You’ve pretty much nailed it.


    1. I know … sometimes you wonder … why didnt I think about that ? lol … but I am glad you find the message full of hope …. I thought that we always think about light … what about when there is none?


  2. Such a perfect sentiment to go along with this wonderful photo. My recent motorcycle accident, while awful, has led to some truly “light” and lovely moments amidst the dark!


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