There is Only Now

There is Only Now

There is Only Now

Be present … Now

Experience each life moment,

not through memory or fantasy.

Stay aware, open, and receptive.

Each present moment is completely new.

As you move through your day,

Remember to stay present in each second.

In doing so, you will live your life,

without having to wait for the future,

or yearn for the past.

Life happens to us

When we happen to life in the Now.

© djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved

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47 thoughts on “There is Only Now

    1. 🙂 LOL … at first glance it does look like 2 creatures hugging / fighting … I guess depending on your mood; then looked more closely do you see the heart shape? … or maybe I am seeing things too. Thanks for stopping by and for keenly observing the tree shapes … Have a wonderful Tuesday ! ☮


      1. I went back to look again…and yes indeed….the shape does look like a heart shape in a horizontal direction…hehhee…

        Thank you for sharing…Do update us with more lovely pictures and words soon…

        Have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


      2. Hmm…as I was checking your blog for any new post (hehe…) I took another look at it…and guess what?

        The heart shape that I spotted earlier was in fact a smaller one…now, I’ve noticed a bigger heart below…gosh…this is really one great picture…

        Once again, thank you for sharing. Cheers!! 😀


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