The Ship of your Vision

The Pilgrim, docked at Dana Point, CA

The Pilgrim, docked at Dana Point, CA

Be the Ship of your Vision

Be the ship that sails every time the wind blows

beyond your limits.

Consciously seek opportunities for growth and success

Dare yourself to set sail

and be the vision of your ship.

Ā© djmrakiey 2013 / All rights reserved


37 thoughts on “The Ship of your Vision

      1. oh I see šŸ™‚ thanks to that info, guess I need to read more about ships, that’ why I love images, so much in it while phrases and words are more direct. it’s easy.:)


  1. Beautiful ship! Love being out there with the wind whipping and blue ocean in front of you! Just don’t pull up next to a whale or something…shipwrecked isn’t very appealing!

    Take care and enjoy your day…


      1. Yeah, I like the idea of open waters, but really prefer to keep these feet on dry ground! A swimming pool is just fine.

        Christian šŸ˜‰


      2. Downloaded a couple of your pictures…hope you don’t mind. If so, let me know and I’ll delete them. Haven’t placed them on any posts yet.



      3. I really appreciate it. However, I have a problem in transferring them to files I can use! Ugh…

        Technologically challenged…


      4. Well, I go to your site, right-click on a picture, hit “save as” and notice little “downloads” building up at the bottom of the page.

        However, when I exit and go back into the various computer files, they aren’t there. I have tried the suggestions made on the link you provided…and nothing!

        This is most puzzling! I sent yet another email to Zemanta support yesterday. I’ll just keep fighting my way through.

        Thanks so much for all of your attention and help! Wish WordPress and Zemanta tried as hard as you do!



    1. I live the moment. take the shot, frame the memory, relive the moment with my heart & mind .. life after all is isn’t as serious as my mind makes it out to be. ☮


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