Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door

By listening to your spirit today

you will see beyond

what is normal to the extraordinary,

approach your day in ways you might never have imagined

beyond the door.

Ā© djmrakiey 2013 / All Rights Reserved

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19 thoughts on “Beyond the Door

    1. the original settings were: 1/640s, Focal length 21.0mm, f/4.0,ISO 100 … and guess what it was totally washed out :P, very bright noonday sun lol… but i love what I saw the detail, color … processed thru PS Elements, Increased the saturation, to bring out the real color: warm orange, blue and greenish tint on the door siding… sometimes I’m too excited to shoot… I don’t pay attention to cam settings. I think for the most part I shoot emotionally šŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by


      1. It’s times like those, when you are caught up in the shooting, that Photoshop comes in really handy. I understand what you are saying about shooting emotionally. Thanks for sharing how got this image šŸ™‚


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