Here We Go Again

Failure of Governance

Failure of Governance

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What is the most important function of government …protection of individual freedoms: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Well, most certainly, but you will not have freedom without national security.  Therefore, a country’s security is government’s highest priority and the cornerstone, border security.

Billions of dollars are spent each year to defend this country.  Yet seemingly, we are unable to protect our borders.  The number of illegal immigrants has mushroomed to an estimated 11 million.  Ironically, rather than protect our borders, congress and the administration seem to be fixated on an agreement that results in a path to citizenship for these 11 million illegal immigrants thereby admitting that government lacks the political will, and the tenacity required to secure our borders.

However, you cannot help but think; how many of the 11 million are terrorists.  Impossible… quite the contrary, on what bases can you categorically state that there are no terrorists.  Of course, no one knows but let’s assume it is a very small number, for example .01%.  Even that small of number would translate into 1100 terrorists; 1100 terrorists that would be given a path to citizenship!  Have we all forgotten about 9/11?  Yes, I know those terrorists entered the country legally but that’s another story.

In order to prevent further attacks, in 2001, the government initiated what turns out to be the longest war in our history.  We have spent over $1.4 trillion dollars but the real tragedy is the loss of our most precious resource, the over 6500 service men and women that have lost their lives.  Yet despite these losses, our government must be in self-denial, fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan on the one hand but allowing terrorists become citizens on the other.

Since our government is incapable of enforcing the laws already on the books the only solution they can offer is amnesty.  Oops, amnesty that’s a bad word; they certainly will not call it amnesty. They have repackaged their solution… as a path toward citizenship, just like advertising a car as pre owned versus a second hand.  Just send the issue through a pasteurization process, obfuscate the truth and in so doing make it more palatable to the American people.

I am not going to sit here and regale you with a historical narrative on US Immigration Law.  For a more complete legislative history you can read my first blog on immigration.  Suffice to say, the most recent attempts to control illegal immigration include:

  • 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
  • 1990 Immigration Act of 1990
  • 1996 Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act
  • 2000 Legal Immigration Family Equity Act

Four major (I didn’t bother with executive orders and additional statute interpretations etc.), attempts to control illegal immigration.  And the result, illegal immigration has increased over that same time period from approximately 3,000,000 to 11,000,000, an increase of over 300%. It simply boggles the mind, that after 25 years and four pieces of legislation not only are we no closer to solving the illegal immigration problems but it has increased 300%.  Imagine for a minute, you are at work and your boss just told you that you have an error rate of 300%, how long would you be employed…not long!

So, how can any citizen believe that our elected officials are doing nothing but kicking the can down the road?  There are many laws on the books to control illegal immigration, all the government has to do is enforce them but instead through sleight of hand rather than face the issue head on, government continues to propose law after law while never fixing the problem.  I don’t know about you but I have zero confidence in their ability to control illegal immigration by passing more laws, after all, their track record speaks for itself.  The administration admitted as much, during the last presidential campaign, when the current administration announced halting prosecutions of illegal immigrants, a change in the law the most legal authorities say the president didn’t have the power to do.  Well, perhaps it was just a campaign speech.

Of course, it is much easier rather than uphold the law, just turn a blind’s eye and look the other way, that’s leadership, Washington style.  Real leadership requires that you must be willing to make the difficult decision, enforce laws, and oppose legislation that is not in the nation’s best interest.  Given the recent talk on both republican and democratic sides, you just might as well as open the borders and be done with it.  All this talk about securing our nation’s borders, it is simply a façade…a failure of governance!

Unfortunately, the security issue does not get addressed because the American citizen has grown apathetic towards government.  In the last presidential election, the voter turnout was 58.2%, lower than the 2008 and 2004 elections.  You can review state by state results here:

However, it does not have to remain that way; each voter can contact their elected official and make known your thoughts on illegal immigration.  If you do not know who your representative is, you can find him or her here:  Then go to the representative’s web site and find out their email address.  I urge each and every one to contact your representative and make your feelings known.  If you want to remain the silent majority, then you cannot fault the results.  If our country is to remain strong and have a vibrant democracy, your participation is required.  Commit to change and get off the sidelines, act now, contact your elected Congressional Representative and in the next election be sure to vote.


Immigration, part 2, Here We Go Again.


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