Every day is a blessing and in each moment

The sun is always shining for us when we are grateful,

even if it is hidden behind clouds on a rainy day.

A simple sandwich becomes a feast,

and a trinket is transformed into a treasure.

The universe wants to shower us with blessings.

The more we appreciate life, the more life appreciates

and bestows us with more goodness.

Renew the vows of blessings in each moment

Even when life seems hard.


© djmrakiey 2012 / All rights reserved

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16 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. You posted this on my birthday and I’m so into Renewal as a Scorpio it’s eerie that you did that. It’s also very phallic and I appreciate that aspect of it as a big part of my own gay nature. Thank you for posting this image. It’s beautiful.


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