Dennis Rakiey


Yep, you bet!  You have vast quantities of input: meetings, speeches, votes, debate etc. but no results.

Over the past decades, our government has embarked upon a path, resulting in further declines in the Human Condition.  And you can forget blaming the Democrats or Republicans because both have been in office observing this deterioration of the U.S. and neither party has demonstrated one scintilla of leadership in changing this countries current course.

You may be under the impression that a country’s fortunes rise ad infinitum.  But this is not the case; as history is replete with examples of the rise and fall of civilizations both in ancient times and in recent history.  Our country, by almost any measure is in declinebut less you doubt this statement, allow me a few examples from my previous blogs.


After more than 5 decades, the US still does not have an energy plan for energy independence.  Our foreign policy is dictated by our energy requirements.  The nation’s wealth is evaporating at a rate of $1 billon per day.


In the last 39 years the number of people living in poverty has doubled to 46 million.  18 percent  of the US population has said that at times, they cannot afford the food they need.


With more than 8 decades of immigration legislation, the number of illegal aliens has mushroomed to 11.5 million, a 300% increase in the last 18 years.

*The Economy

The government has carried on a 30 year crusade to deregulate the banking industry which has culminated in 2.7 million foreclosures. One forecast has estimated that foreclosures will reach 5 million when all is said and done.


According to the most recent BLS report, the number of people either unemployed or underemployed is excess of 17 million , representing a real unemployment rate of over 14%.

*The poor get poorer

Wages as a percent of GDP has plummeted to an all-time low.

*And the rich get richer

CEO pay is up 298.2% since 1990 while worker pay is up a meager 4.3%.

Just stop for a minute and think about what kind of country we are leaving to our children, grandchildren and loved ones.  What does the future hold for them?  What will the Human Condition be when they reach adulthood?

However, our country’s descent into the bowels of mediocrity…becoming a mere shell of its former self is not evitable. The change agent is you, the voter.

A laxative directly injected into this nation’s veins, vis-à-vis replacing elected officials is the prescription.  And the only way to accomplish a directional change is by voting the incumbents out of office.

Why? Because history has taught us that starting a new party does not offer the immediate success (if at all) that is required.  And human beings by their nature tend to do the same thing over and over again, this holds true for our elected officials.  Just think, from their perspective, they must be thinking they are doing a bang-up job and why wouldn’t they, after all over 90% of incumbents running for office get reelected.

Consequently, as voters there is only one option.  We must step out of our comfort zone; throw partisan politics aside and vote for the challenger on Nov. 6.  It is the only way forreal change.


9 thoughts on “IS THE U.S. CONSTIPATED?

  1. This came up on a link at the bottom of the November 18, 2014 post. I think you could repost this with only a change in date and no one would know it was two years old. So little has changed – if anything, I think it’s gotten worse.



  2. America? It sound a lot like my country, Canada; and to thing that the Canadian economy is actually made to function with a dependancy on the strength of the US Greenback.

    If the US is doomed, then we’re doomed.


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