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JOBS – JOBS – JOBS! : Dennis Rakiey 

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%.  I can just imagine members of the administration and congress giving each other high fives!

In order to get a perspective of the unemployment issue, I went here to review the BLS data.  In the past 12 months, on average 150,000 jobs per month were added.  If we divide the 12 million unemployed by the 150,000 per month new jobs, we discover that it will take more than 6 years for the 12 million unemployed to find work. (This of course assumes no one new enters the work force.) If you are unemployed, it is a very discouraging predicament.


Full article HERE (

To illustrate the imbalance between business and labor, examine the following charts.

Corporate profits have soared!


While wages as a percent of GDP are at all-time lows.

And the gap between CEO’s and workers’ pay continues to widen and bears little relationship to corporate profits.


5 thoughts on “JOBS – JOBS – JOBS!

  1. it is very sad, when your kids are holding on, when family suffer most, when all the things are not on the right track, and worst people keep you down, you’re in the center of the circle really trying hard to do the best. It happened, still trying to stand still.


  2. ” If you are unemployed, it is a very discouraging predicament.”

    I’ve been unemployed twice in a three year period and I have to say, the worst thing is to try and look for options and discover that there’s not a lot of hope to deal with. Very sad.


  3. They are not taking into account those of us who are not registering as unemployed. So many fall out of the system and are no longer able to get assistance, or don’t even try to apply to start with. I heard a report this past week that the numbers are grossly underestimated. The Huffington Post gave a good summation yesterday:

    And yes, as I job hunt, the pay has been lower than it was pre 2009, sometimes significantly. It can be discouraging, but I have been busy with things that do not cost money, but keep me active and happy… like starting a photography blog. WordPress and a digital camera… can’t do better than that for keeping happy and busy in between job searching!


    1. admin says:
      October 9, 2012 at 8:33 am
      yes Sheri, you are right, it is much worse than the article details, for example the BLS U-6 unemployment rate is 14.7%. But my objective was not to detail how bad the unemployment problem is but to enumeriate a few causes and motivate voters to vote in November’s election. Thank you for posting a comment,keep at it and never give up and you will be successful in finding employment.



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