Immigration – A Failure of Governance

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A Failure of Governance – Last in a Three Part Series – Immigration

“We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. 

But we are also a nation of laws.”- President Bill Clinton

Full Article link Immigration – A Failure of Governance by Dennis Rakiey

highlights noted in previous articles.

The first article on Energy revealed:

* after 50 years, no plan for energy independence

*oil importation has increased to 49%

*our nation’s wealth is evaporating at the rate of $1 billion/day

*poverty level has doubled in the last 25 years

The next article, The Economy examined the following:

*government waged a 30 year crusade to deregulate the banking industry

*and then failed to regulate the Shadow Banking System

*homeownership forecast to return to 1990 levels with over 5 million foreclosures

Lastly, in this article, we explored immigration:

*immigration problem have been with us for the last 85 years.

*illegal immigration has reached 11.5 million, a 300% increase in last 18 years

*president/governor oath of office is meaningless

*amnesties are not a solution

*the real unemployment is masked by the uncounted 36 million unemployed

I began my first article, Oil with an initial discussion on the life cycle of a nation.  Consequently, I will end on the same note.  The history of civilizations is replete with examples of a nation’s ascent and eventual demise.  A country’s riches do not advance ad infinitum.  Our country is in decline.  Therefore, we find ourselves at a defining moment.  We can either follow the same path witnessing the gradual weakening of our country or we can reverse course and mount a frontal assault on another upward advance.

It is up to us, the voters.

My call remains the same, in November’s election, investigate the candidates and vote for the challenger.  I am not suggesting to blindly vote for all challengers, due diligence is required.  Recently, in West Virginia an inmate received 40% of the democratic vote when running against incumbent, Obama[16]. Why is it, if you apply for a job most employers will perform a background check, but you can run for the highest office in the land without one.  But, alas, I am digressing; vetting political candidates is best left to another discussion.

History has proved that there will be no change in direction by returning incumbents to office.  It is a difficult task for any voter to vote for the challenger when staying the course seems safer.  But this country is in desperate need of transformation and time is running out. Government officials must be put on notice that their behavior will no longer be tolerated.  Business as usual will no longer suffice.  Just because we call ourselves a democracy does not guarantee success.  It is not the name but the deeds behind the name that give it substance.  It is the action by the voters that will determine democracy’s success or failure.  And that action is a voter turnout in November’s election that will exceed any in recent history.

Since WWI, 624,531 soldiers have lost their lives protecting our freedom to vote.  Honor their sacrifice by voting in November’s election.  Examine the issues and if you feel as I do, that a change in direction is required, vote for the challenger and show the incumbents the proverbial door.

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