Weekly Photo Challenge “Merge”

The wild parrots flying free in Southern California today are descendants of wild-caught

parrots imported to the United States.

Parrots are social birds and often bond for life.


I have one wish

And it would be like this

I’d take you to my soul

And show you all the love there is.

The flight won’t be easy

As we head for the skies.

In my dream,

in my heart,

in my soul,

you are  part of me.

© 2012 djmrakiey


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge “Merge”

  1. Ah… I always like to see photos of these guys to see how they are progressing. I watched the movie about them on Netflix.. twice… cried through most of it… both times. I have parrots… all captive bred though, of course. Totally domesticated little cuties. Got 2 of them here with me now. Thanks for a lovely photo. Parrot nuts like me love this stuff. 😀


    1. Your pets are so colorful…. seems like the the “wild parrots” thrive in California weather… Its amazing how they have adapted so well here… thanks for stopping by ♥


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