You are special

Gin & Daniel, CA visit

Gin & Daniel, CA visit

You are special

I want you to know.

Your smiling face

forever in my heart.

You embraced and defied all odds.

Against the unrelenting heat of the rising sun,

a pattern of melting blues rest behind your steps.

Amazingly, you’ve turned  this test into an art.

And soar above the clouds of eternal spring.

Reflecting on the tranquil beauty of your courage.

Let me say, You are not alone.

Take my hand and together we will

run through the hail of storms.

For my sis

© 2012 djmrakiey

2 thoughts on “You are special

  1. These are lovely photos. There is truly truly nothing better than beaming, glowing humans. Why we do the inflict pain&suffering thing, I do not know.

    Joyous! 🙂


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